Lora Plattner as Giselle The Neighbors
Giselle Braxton (Lora Plattner) is Reggie Jackson's one-time girlfriend on The Neighbors.


Noticing that she was shy and alone, Reggie Jackson asked Giselle Braxton to be his fake-date for the high school prom, as he intended to leave with his true love, Amber Weaver. Reggie's plan went asunder, and he found himself for Giselle, even writing a song for her.

Giselle was part of an online campaign to see season nine of "One Tree Hill" produced, and her closest friend is a pet turtle that accompanied  her to prom, so it's little surprise that she became obsessed with Reggie. In season one episode eighteen Reggie is constantly texting Giselle. When his phone is taken away he resorts to writng "paper texts" while sitting in the woods. She immediately accepted when he proposed marriage, and she actively tried to force a wedge between Reggie and Amber.

Personal QuotesEdit

"My closest relationship is with a green creature who spends most of its life hiding in its shell."