Lora Plattner
Lora Plattner plays Giselle Braxton on The Neighbors.


Raised in the green, wet state of Tennessee, Lora decided that she wanted to pursue a career in acting. So she packed ample amounts of sunblock and moisturizer, and headed out to the California desert. After forming a terrific team of an agency and the perfect manager, she booked two commercials and a student film all in a month. Her first shoot was a national Orbit Gum Commercial, which ended up being filmed on her birthday. The next to be filmed was an amazing student film, “The Maiden and the Princess” which was a modern twist on a classic fairy tale. Following those came a Foot Locker commercial, two voiceover jobs, a film called “Admissions Game”, and a two PSAs.

When she isn’t acting, Lora likes to read and write sci-fi and fantasy, brush up on her AP Biology, and design and make jewelry. She also likes to sing, and ballroom dance.


Brooke Beckman, Haunted M.D. 2010
The Maiden and the Princess 2011
Glee 1 episode 2011
Under the Doghouse 1 episode 2011
Criminal Minds 1 episode 2012
New Girl 1 episode 2012
Suburgatory 1 episode 2013
The Neighbors 3 episodes 2013

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